we want to help you bloom Into your greatness!

If you are looking for a Charismatic, Informative, Energetic, Knowledgeable, and Interactive Speaker to challenge, inspire, and develop your Youth Group, Club, or Organization, look no further than Jere' Reid. As a true educator (licensed in the state of Florida), Jere is highly skilled in gaining and keeping the attention of her audience and dispersing information in a timely, entertaining, and organized manner. Jere also uses innovative and effective strategies that lead to thought provoking discussion, and the pivotal "Ah-Ha"  moments that give participants exactly what they need out of your workshop or conference.Tell us the theme, mission, or purpose of your event, and Jere will give you exactly what you need and more.  

If you want to bring the MAGIC of an Empowered to Bloom Workshop to your Youth Group, Club, or Organization, contact us today. Receive an entire day of development, self-esteem building, and allow your attendees to bloom into their  purpose, with a jam packed day filled with exciting breakout sessions. These informative breakout sessions cover topics including but not limited to: Self-Esteem and Empowerment, Setting and Accomplishing Goals (Vision Boards), Amplifying Your Beauty, Dating and Relationships, and Discovering your Purpose and Gifts. Learn more about our workshops by clicking here

After you have amplified your inner beauty and have been empowered in your purpose and talents, it is time to allow the beauty on the inside to manifest itself on the outside. 

Allow your friends at E2B to help you discover your personal style, revamp your wardrobe, find wardrobe staples on a frugal budget, create powerhouse looks, and give you up to date advice on the best hairstyles and makeup looks for your personality and style. Our founder has received national attention for her effortless and classic style so allow her to help you unlock your inner fashionista.This service will definitely allow you to "Bloom into Your Beauty" after you have "Bloomed into Your Purpose" 

If you want to host an amazing event, our team can help. We will help you plan a spectacular event that will amaze and entertain all of your guest.

Our Party packages include:

1) Rosebud Parties: Parties for girls 5-12 that provide fun empowerment activities and games, dress up, and makeover fun to help your little girl feel like a beautiful Princess.

2) Vision Board Parties: Gather your girlfriends and invite them to dream big! We bring the materials and the guidance, you bring your goals/visions/dreams, and together we have an enjoyable time as we discover your purpose and talents. 

3) You Think It/ We Do It: Have an idea for a event (baby shower, wedding, birthday party, etc...) but don't know where to start. Allow my team to guide you and do the work so you can enjoy your day






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