If you are looking for a Charismatic, InformativeEnergeticKnowledgeable, andInteractive Speaker tochallenge, inspire, and develop your Youth Group, Club, or Organization, look no further than Jere' Reid.

As a true educator (licensed in the state of Florida), Jere is highly skilled in gaining and keeping the attention of her audience and dispersing information in a timely, entertaining, organized, and effective manner.

Jere also uses innovative and effective strategies that lead to thought provoking discussion, and the pivotal "Ah-Ha"  moments that give participants exactly what they need out of your workshop or conference.Tell us the theme, mission, or purpose of your event, and Jere will give you exactly what you need and more.  

Topics Include but are not limited to:


Take The Lid Off!  An interactive and enlightening conversation discussing how we allow the pain and hurt of past mistakes, trauma, and disappointments prevent each of us from blooming in our purpose. Jere will help you discover the figurative lid that was placed on your potential and encourage you to push past the limits and bloom into your purpose.

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​​*Self Esteem Building

The Excellence of Confidence-  An interactive conversation on how to maintain a healthy self-esteem and deal with the everyday blockers that prevent us from having a healthy self-esteem. Jere will guide you on the journey of discovery of your worth by helping you foster a positive evaluation of all of the things that uniquely contribute to the masterpiece that you were created to be. 

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*Setting and Accomplishing Goals

Empower Your Dream- An Interactive conversation on how to identify your dreams and accomplish them. Jere will guide your attendees through an interactive presentation that will leave each of your attendees with a renewed purpose to triumphantly reach their goals.

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