Here's what you can expect at an Empowered To Bloom Workshop:

1) Session 1: The Warm Up
       A) Age appropriate ice breakers to introduce participants to the facilitators.
       B) Survey & Questionnaire- Targeted questions that help participants identify strengths.
       C) Pair and Share: participants will complete activities in groups of two. 

2) Session 2: Self-Esteem Building
        A) Brief overview on the importance of having a healthy self-esteem
                  1. What is self-esteem
                  2. Examples of an unhealthy self esteem 
                  3. Rooting your self-esteem on who you are and who you are called to be.
         B. Mirror Activity (please contact for details on this activity)
         C. Dear Flaws. (Please Contact for details on this activity) 
         D. Discovering Your Gifts. 
         E. Takeaway- Journal Entry # 1

3) Session 3: Setting and Accomplishing Goals
         A) Brief overview of the importance of setting goals. 
         B) Vision Board Activity (please contact for details on this activity)
         C) Share and Care Activity (please contact for details on this activity)
         D) Takeaway- Journal Entry # 2

4) Session 4: Amplifying Your Beauty
         A) Putting Your Best Face Forward- Age appropriate makeup and skin care tips. 
         B) Dressing for your Dreams! 
         C) My Black is Beautiful Mini Makeover sponsored by P&G
         D) Takeaway- Journal Entry #3

5) Session 5: Healthy Habits and Healthy Lives
          A) The importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle 
          B) The importance of having a healthy Body Image
          C) My Body Is... Activity
          D) Jere's Power Workout

6) Session 6: Dating and Relationships.

(Reserved for Teenage Girls and Young Women)
           A) What society tells you vs. What God wants. 
           B) Your power and worth
           C)  Signs of an unhealthy relationship 
           D) Date Night Skit Activity
           E) Dating Scenarios Activity (what would you do) 

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