About Our organization


Empowered to Bloom was founded by, Jere D. Reid, a My Black is Beautiful Ambassador and a licensed educator in the state of Florida. 

Our Story...

During her more than 10 years as an educator in the Central Florida public school system, Jere noticed how often her young female students operated beneath their potential because of low self-esteem, lack of purpose, and their undiscovered talents and gifts. After realizing that there was only so much that she could do during the confines of the typical school day, Jere purposed in her heart to reach her community and impact the lives of girls and young women everywhere. This dream of reaching, teaching, and inspiring the masses led to to the development of "Empowered to Bloom" on October 25th, 2014.

Our Mission...

The focus of this organization is to give our members the tools they need to bloom into their greatness by unlocking the hidden treasures inside of each woman we encounter. We equip our participants with the necessary tools they need to bloom into their purpose with workshops/seminars, motivational speaking, individual coaching, and beauty consultation to foster the development of healthy self-esteem, personal growth and empowerment. Our desire is for each girl or woman who participates in our faith based workshops, individual coaching sessions, or events leave blooming into the beautiful and majestic flower they were created to be. 

We are...

A community of young girls and women who strive to live their best lives by first learning to love themselves through the discovery of their inner beauty, talents, passions, and purpose while learning to authentically support and inspire each other. 

Empowering all to Celebrate their Beauty

Discover their Purpose

Develop their Gifts